Kampinoski National Park – Let’s go! Let’s see! Let’s admire!

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Have you ever visited Kampinos?
Have you ever met a forester?
Have you ever participated in a traditional Polish campfire?

Join us on a trip:

Our trip is dedicated to foreigners living in Warsaw and their close relatives/friends.

DATE OF OUR TRIP: 7th September 2019

1. Meeting at 10:45 close to the Palace of Culture and Science from the side of Marszałkowska street.
2. Going by a tourist bus to Truskaw, on the outskirts of the Park.
3. Walk (ca. 6 km) around the Park with a forester-guide.
4. Visiting the Palmiry Museum and Cemetery.
5. Traditional feast around the campfire on the Pociecha Glade – baking bread and other food products, guitar music, singing world hits and typical Polish songs.
6. Return by tourist bus to Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science, about 17:00.
The trip will be organized in both English and Polish.

Participation in the trip is free of charge!
If you want to participate in our trip, please fill the registration form: https://forms.gle/coPcqg6fPLSTzfHE9
Do not hesitate and sign up because the number of places is limited!

• Be on time! Meeting is at 10:45. Our bus will not wait for latecomers!
• Casual or sport clothes and comfortable closed (!) shoes are highly recommended.
• Raincoat and/or umbrella is necessary.
• Take a bottle of water to drink.
• If you wish, you can bring something (sausages, vegetables etc.) to bake in the campfire. We provide bread and potatoes.
• Our trip is unsuitable for kids below 15 years old.

Kampinoski National Park is a National Park on the north-west outskirts of Warsaw, about 30 kilometres from the city centre. It was created in 1959. In January 2000 the area of Park was featured on UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves. It covers 385.44 sq.km, of which 46.38 sq.km is strictly protected. Park’s landscape is a mix of sand dunes and swamp lands with pine trees growing on sand and meadows on swamps. Park’s flora is rich with around 1245 species of plants, of which 69 are protected. According to biologists, there are 16,000 species of animals, of which the most numerous are insects (2 030 species) and birds (200 species). The park area has a rich history, many important events connected with Polish history took place here.

The project is realized in the framework of the Creative Volunteering programme and financed from the resources of the Old Town Cultural Centre in Warsaw and the Capital City Warsaw. The partner supporting the realization of the project is Jasmin – Association of Friends for Intercultural Cooperation.